Our Past Completed  Projects:

New watermains have been installed on Preysnar Road, Tirrell Road, Back River Road, Smith Road and Green Meadow Lane. Construction crews continue to install service connections from the main to the street on Green Meadow Lane.

Information from the NHDES


Cider Mill Road has been re-opened to through traffic.  The Cider Mill Road Bridge over McQuade Brook has been reconstructed and the project is substantially complete.    Click HERE to view plans

This project included the realignment of Campbell Road & North Amherst Road intersection.  The most notable changes was the reconfiguration of the triangular island and realignment of Campbell Road 24 feet easterly at North Amherst Road.This proposal has significantly increased intersection sight distance for vehicles on Campbell Road looking east.


Click HERE to view plans for North Amherst and Campbell Road.

North Amherst/Campbell Road 

Donald Street

Donald St. and associated Side Streets Natural Gas Extension Project:

Gault, Maple, Patten Phase III 


Maple, Gault, Patten, Lynn:

Wearing course paving is now completed on this project.



This project consists of the resurfacing of Gage Road, Pheasant Run Road and the southernmost portion of Barrington Drive.  


This project is substantially complete.

Click HERE to view plans


Little League Parking Area

The parking lot reconstruction plans are complete, with some modifications to the gravel drainage swale separating the two lots, about 108 parking spaces can fit on the Little League side of the lot which is an increase of 10 spaces over the concept proposal in December but still 12 less than the 120 "unofficial" spaces there today.

See the plan here


Project and utility relocations are complete as of June 1, 2017 - with new pavement and, curbing .


Lindahl Road

Click HERE for full project design


The project is substantially completed with shoulder gravel and clean up scheduled for completion by the end of September 2017. 

Click HERE to see the project under construction.

Click HERE for more information on this project.

Wallace Rd. (South)

Joppa Hill Rd.

The Joppa Hill project was a rehabilitation project budgeted at $650,000 which stretched from New Boston Road to the Goffstown town line. This project's focus was to improve drainage, implement erosion control measures, add pavement rehabilitations, and mitigate environmental concerns at the head waters of McQuaid Brook. 




Drainage and erosion improvements

Road widening

Site distance improvements at:

-  Polly Peabody Road

-  Parker Lane

-  Weber Lane



Click below for full project design

Phase 1               Phase 2

The Pines

 Click HERE for full project design

This project enhanced residential streets and utility infrastructure. The limits of the project included portions of Whittemore St. and Wayside Dr., as well as Plumber Rd. and Seabee St. in their entirety.




Reclaim and pave roads

Extension of utility of infrastructure by Liberty Utilities

Proposed natural gas utility extensions.

Seabee St. gas extension information can be found HERE



Wallace Road (Middle)

Click HERE for full project design

The 2016 focus was to complete roadway construction between North Amherst Road and Benedictine Park and also a segment between Whisky Rebellion and Ministerial Road. Final paving and striping were completed in July.

Old Bedford / Holbrook Road

Click HERE for full project design

This project was completed in August 2016.

Meadow Road


This project is complete. A drainage culvert failed resulting in a closure of Meadow Road. 

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Nashua Road

Construction of sidewalks near the high school is complete. The town is currently seeking dynamic signage to complement the intersection in front of the high school.

Pulpit Road from New Boston Road to Mountain Road, Three Corners Road, Rockbound Road, Mountain Road and Pond Point Drive.  Within the Three Corners neighborhood, the streets will be milled and all catchbasins shall be reset to the proper grades, followed repaving.


Project is complete.  


Thank you for your patience while we work to improve the roadways.

Click here to view plans for Pulpit Road

Pulpit Road Neighborhood

The Town of Bedford is working to improve several key areas of its integral roadways.    

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