Saint-Gobain and Pennichuck Waterworks

New watermains have been installed on Preysnar Road, Tirrell Road, Back River Road, Smith Road and Green Meadow Lane. Construction crews continue to install service connections from the main to the street on Green Meadow Lane. In April, crews will begin to place loam and seed along the edge of the roadway to restore grassed areas and to provide general clean up. Finish pavement will be installed on Tirrell Road, Back River Road and Smith Road in May. Pavement repairs on Green Meadow Lane will also occur in May.

























Older Updates:

Spring 2019

Construction crews have completed the new watermain on Back River and Smith Roads.  Work will continue on Greenmeadow Lane while weather permits.  Additional crews will now be connecting water services from the house to the main.  Please use caution through the work zone.”


October 2018: 


Construction crews have encountered ledge in the roadway and this is causing delays to the overall schedule but they are continuing the installation of the new watermain and services  on Back River Road to the Merrimack Town line.  Expect continuing daily road closures and detours (including Saturdays) on Back River Road between Meadowcrest and Smith Roads.  See attached map for details.


Seek alternate routes if possible.

September 2018:


 Construction crews continue to work on Tirrell Road, Peysnar Road and Back River Road.  Crews have encountered ledge in the roadway and this is causing delays to the overall construction schedule.  This has extended the duration of the daily weekday road closure of Back River Road between the hours of 6:30 am to 5:00pm.  See attached map for details (Link).  Crews are working to repair the roadway on Tirrell and on Back River Road from Tirrell Road to Meadowcrest.  It is anticipated that this section of the project should be repaved by September 21.  At the same time, crews are also working on installation of new watermain and services on Back River Road from Meadowcrest to the Merrimack town line.  Expect daily detours and delays throughout work zone.  Seek alternate routes if possible.

August, 2018: Construction crews will continue work on Tirrell Road, Preysnar Road and Back River Road (Tirrell Road to Meadowcrest). Work will include sawcutting pavement, excavation, hammering ledge and installation of new watermain & installation of water services. Expect detours and delays throughout work zone. Seek alternate routes if possible.

July 2018:

Starting July 13, 2018, construction crews will begin work on Tirrell Road, Preysnar Road and Back River Road (Tirrell Road to River Crest). Work will include sawcutting pavement, excavation and installation of new watermain. Expect detours and delays throughout work zone. Seek alternate routes if possible.


June 2017:

Pennichuck Water Works PWW recently completed ledge probing on a segment of Back River Road north to Smith Road to Green Meadow Road. This route was identified as Saint-Gobain’s preferred alternative to service the affected 61 homes in the area using water supply from MVD.  On May 17th PWW  began probing for ledge on Smith and Liberty Hill Roads, this route would allow water supply to the 61 parcels via MWW supply. The additional ledge probing and investigation will allow the parties to accurately compare the construction cost of the two alternatives.

As part of the Bedford PFOA water main design process, Maine D&B is scheduled to start additional ledge probes on Smith Road and Liberty Hill Road on Wednesday, May 17th .  See this map identifying ledge probes locations. The plan is begin  probing at the intersection of Green Meadow Lane & Smith Road and continue westerly approximately 4,700’ on Smith Road to the intersection with Liberty Hill Road. The  ledge probes will be located on the North Side of Smith Road. From the intersection of Liberty Hill Road & Smith Road, continue northerly approximately 8,800’ to the intersection of County Road. The ledge probes will be located on the West Side of Liberty Hill Road. Uniformed officers will provide traffic control  for this work.

See more info on the NHDES site


April 2017:

As part of the Saint-Gobain Agreement for engineering design to expand the Bedford Public Water system due to the detection of PFOA's in private water supply wells, Pennichuck will be performing field work on sections of Back River Road, South Road and Green Meadow Lane. Surveyors from GM2 Associates will be surveying within the Public Right of Way  for a period of 3 to 5 weeks.  Starting on or about Wednesday, May 3rd , Maine Drilling and Blasting will have a small drill rig along the side of these roads drilling small holes to determine the depth to bedrock. The drilling may require a single lane closure around the equipment.  Bedford Police and certified  traffic flaggers will accompany the drill rig to direct traffic through the work zone. A Pennichuck employee will also be present during the drilling probe process. No work will take place on private property.  All work will be carried out within the public street right of way.

The Town of Bedford is working to improve several key areas of its integral roadways.    

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