South River Road Corridor and Utility Improvements

The project consists of rebuilding the sewer across South River Road (at a lower elevation) to allow for the connection of the new hotel at 270 South River Road and to extend the sewer to Cedarwood Drive and Sunset Lane.  

South River Road Corridor and Utility Improvements


Work continues with the construction of the new roadway (Fosters Place).  Work includes construction of sedimentation basin, drainage, underdrain and subbase of roadway.  Minimal delays through the work zones on Technology and North Commerce are anticipated.

It also includes the construction of Foster Place, a new road connecting Commerce Park North to Technology Drive and roadway improvements on Moore's Crossing Road, Sunset Lane, Commerce Drive, Technology Drive, Commerce Park North, Autumn Lane, Harvey Road, Cedarwood Drive and Club Acre Lane (see attached map).  Drainage improvements and shoulder widening is proposed throughout roadway improvement areas.

Work to begin late spring/early summer 2020.

See this link for design + plans.

The Town of Bedford is working to improve several key areas of its integral roadways.    

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