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The Pines

 Click HERE for full project design

This project was extended in September to give residents time to consider hooking up to municipal natural gas lines. This project looks to enhance residential streets and utility infrastructure. The limits of the project include portions of Whittemore St. and Wayside Dr., as well as Plumber Rd. and Seabee St. in their entirety.




Reclaim and pave roads

Extension of utility of infrastructure by Liberty Utilities

Proposed natural gas utility extensions


Seabee St. gas extension information can be found HERE.


NOTE: The Town of Bedford was scheduled to reclaim and pave the affected roads the week of September 14. Residents who want to connect to the natural gas line must do so by September 14 before the road is repaved. Per Town policy, no pavement cuts are allowed for five years after paving operations are complete.



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