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Wallace Rd. (Middle)

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The focus of the Wallace Road project is to increase safety by addressing issues regarding intersection sight distance, as well as safety for multi-modal traffic by increasing shoulder widths. Improving drainage along this coridor, which runs from North Amherst Road to New Boston Road, is also a point of emphasis on this project. In 2015 the Town completed sections of this project between New Boston Rd. and Ministerial Road and also between Benedictine Park and Nathan Cutler Road.




Drainage improvements

Shoulder width improvements

-  2 foot paved shoulder

-  2 foot gravel shoulder on Northbound side

-  2-5 foot gravel shoulder on Southbound side

Site distance improvements at:

-  Circle Drive

-  Church Road

-  Bourbon Street

-  Magazine Street

-  Jackson Square

-  Cajun Court


Schedule of Work for 2016


The 2016 focus is to complete roadway construction between North Amherst Road and Benedictine Park and also a segment between Whisky Rebellion and Ministerial Road.


Utility work between Chubbuck Road and Jackson Square is complete.




The wearing course of asphalt on Wallace Road from New Boston Road to North Amherst Road has been installed.


On Thursday 7/21/2016 from 7 a.m.-12 p.m. the contractor is scheduled to line stripe the pavement on Wallace Road between New Boston Road and North Amherst Road. Motorists should expect delays.


This section of Wallace Road is fully open to motorists.


The Town prohibits through trucking on Wallace Road. 


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