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  • Jeff Foote

Gault, Maple, Patten Update

Gault Road:

Week of July 30th:

Cleanup of shoulders, loaming, and seeding work is ongoing and scheduled for completion on August 4th. Roadway subject to alternating lane closures; expect minor delays. Flaggers and operational controls will be in place during this period.

Patten Road:

Note: Patten Road will continue to be closed to through traffic for the next few weeks and is scheduled to reopen the week of August 7th.

Week of July 30th:

Closed drainage system is completed. The contractor is scheduled to excavate roadway material in preparation of underdrain construction.

Week of August 6th:

Complete underdrain system, and install gravel base, pave binder.

John Goffe:

Removal and replacement of existing plastic and metal road crossing pipes is tentatively scheduled the week of August 6th.

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