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About Us

Bedford Roads Improvement Program

The Town of Bedford is entering the maintenance phase of its pavement management program following the completion of the 2014 road bond funding. This includes maintenance of past improvements as well as the continuation of rehabilitating roads that were not addressed with the previous bond funds. The Town has partnered with BETA Group, Inc. to establish existing road conditions town wide so that we can develop a new 5-year plan that best utilize our funds to maintain optimal road conditions.

Our Pavement Management Program is a major stepping stone in improving the overall infrastructure of the Town of Bedford. This website goes into detail on each on-going and upcoming project in an attempt to more clearly show and explain how we are building better roads for a better Bedford.

Bedford, New Hampshire, 50 miles from Boston and adjacent to the state’s largest city of Manchester, is viewed as an upscale residential town with a population of approximately 23,500. The majority of Bedford is residentially zoned. Many major retailers such as Whole Foods, Redwing, Target and Lowes are proud to be located in Bedford.


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