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Bedford Roads Improvement Program

The Town of Bedford is working to improve several key areas of its integral roadways. Bedford's residents and Town Council approved a roads program that covers rehabilitation and improvements centered around South River Road, Wallace Road Middle, Wallace Road South and Old Bedford/Holbrook Road. These improvements are funded by a $8.6 million 2014 road bond.


In addition to these major road projects, the ongoing program includes general maintenance, culvert replacements, repairing shoulder gravel on roads, and additional town-wide crack-sealing and swale maintenance. 


This program is a major stepping stone in improving the overall infrastructure of the Town of Bedford. This website goes into detail on each on-going and upcoming project in an attempt to more clearly show and explain how we are building better roads for a better Bedford.

Bedford, New Hampshire, 50 miles from Boston and adjacent to the state’s largest city of Manchester, is viewed as an upscale residential town with a population of approximately 22,000. The majority of Bedford is residentially zoned. Many major retailers such as Whole Foods, Redwing, Walmart, Target and Lowes are proud to be located in Bedford.


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