2021 Project Updates

Safety Complex Parking Expansion

Safety Complex parking expansion and safety improvement plan including regrading of new parking areas by DPW personnel and paving has been completed. Remaining efforts include placement of additional materials in newly graded areas and final clean-up. Project completion expected in September 2021. See the plan HERE .


Clifton Road, Winchester Lane and Stowell Road Area Improvements

This project consists of the reconstruction of Clifton Road, Winchester Lane, Beech Street and Stowell Road. Work includes replacement of culverts, installation of underdrain, reclaiming and repaving of the roadway and placement of shoulder gravel. Work is substantially complete. on Clifton Road, Winchester Lane, and Beech Street. Additional paving efforts will occur on Stowell Road in August. Expect delays through work zones as alternating one-way traffic will be necessary.


The remaining project work consists of completing the construction of Foster Place, a new road connecting Commerce Park North to Technology Drive, and repaving Commerce Park North and Club Acre Lane. It also includes reconstruction of Moore’s Crossing Road including a sewer line extension. Sewer work on Moore's Crossing is complete. The road has been binder paved. Contractor will return in 2022 to place finish pavement on Moore’s Crossing. All other roads are substantially complete.

See here for design and plans.


Old Mill Road Improvements

Work consists of new drainage, underdrain and replacement culverts, construction of subgrade and new roadway pavement on Old Mill Road. Remaining work includes shoulder work, and repair of rock walls. This will be followed by a second layer of pavement, shoulder gravel placement and driveway reconnections. Finish pavement is placed and clean-up work completed. Work is substantially complete.

Please see attached plans for further details.

Meadow Road

This project consists of replacement culverts, underdrain, and construction of subgrade and new roadway pavement on Meadow Road between Liberty Hill Road and Wallace Road. Tree clearing and contractor mobilization for drainage and underground work has begun. It is anticipated that construction will take between 12 and 14 weeks this year with finish pavement and final clean-up scheduled to occur in 2022. The road has been paved with the first layer of asphalt. Contractor is continuing shoulder clean up, driveway tie-ins and rebuilding rock walls. They will return in 2022 to place the finish pavement.

ROAD CONSTRUCTION ADVISORY: In order for the work to progress smoothly and minimize the project timeline the road will be closed to through traffic, 24 hours a day during the construction this year. Residents and emergency services will always have access to and from their homes but no through traffic will be allowed. On weekends, holidays and non-working hours, access to and from 79 and 83 Meadow Road will be from Wallace Road and all other residences can be accessed from Liberty Hill Road.


See the plans to the Meadow Road project

Other 2021 Projects:
NH Department of Transportation Bedford-Manchester 40731 Project
2021 Bedford Roads Plan:

NH Department of Transportation presentation on the Bedford-Manchester 40731 project:  Bridge Preservation of I-293 and NH 101 bridges over Merrimack River.