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2023 Project Updates

trench box 1.jpg
Greenfield Parkway

                                    Construction started on April 10th and is                                            expected to run 10 to 12 weeks with the first                                      phase ending by July 4, 2023. 

During most of the work we will be using detours, sings and flaggers on week days to help get traffic through the construction site safely. Nights and weekends all roads will return to normal. During construction days priority will be given to emergency vehicles, school buses and mail carriers. Residents with a driveway in the closed work areas may have a short delay but the contractor will get you in and out. Sidewalks will remain open as no work is planned for them. For questions please email or call the DPW office or find the Town inspector on site.


First phase overview:

  1. ​Remove Center Island Curb (saved to be reinstalled.)

  2. Replace failed drainage infrastructure.

  3. Reclaim existing asphalt and fine grade roadway base.

  4. Pave binder course of asphalt (1st of two layers.)

  5. Reset grates and manhole covers. 

  6. Pave driveway tie-ins.

  7. Replace curbing, backup curb, reset mailboxes, loam and seed.

  8. Let area settle for 30-40 days.

Second Phase (August or September)

  1. Inspect and adjust any settlement or wash-outs.

  2. Pave wearing course of asphalt (2nd of two layers.)

  3. Final clean up.

20220617 Blasting on south end of Polly Peabody.jpg
Polly Peabody Road 

Project consists of drainage improvements, underdrain installation, construction of subgrade, two layers of roadway pavement, shoulder treatments and driveway reconnections between New Boston Road and Joppa Hill Road. A paved roadway surface has been placed and work is complete for this year.  In the spring of 2023, a second layer of pavement will be placed, shoulder gravel will be touched up and driveway reconnections will be made.


See attached plans.

Spartan Drive and Ellison Way

The drainage repairs and reconstruction of Spartan Road is complete for this year. In 2023, an additional layer of pavement will be placed on Spartan Drive in conjunction with resurfacing on Ellison Way.

Beaver Brook Road Neighborhood

Project consists of drainage repairs, replacement culverts and roadway resurfacing.  The project is substantially complete.  We will return in the spring of 2023 to reseed any sparse areas.


Meadow Road

This project consists of replacement culverts, underdrain, and construction of subgrade and new roadway pavement on Meadow Road between Liberty Hill Road and Wallace Road.  Work on Meadow Road is substantially complete.


See the plans to the Meadow Road project

Screen Shot 2022-08-12 at 8.00.38 AM.png
South Hills Drive, South Hills Terrace and Regency Drive

The drainage repairs and reconstruction of the road on South Hills Drive are complete for this year.  In 2023, an additional layer of pavement will be placed on South Hills Drive in conjunction with paving of Regency Drive and South Hills Terrace.


Project is substantially complete.

See here for design and plans.

Other 2022 Projects:
NH101 Bridge
(Br. No. 090/065)
over Pulpit Brook

The New Hampshire Department of Transportation has begun work on the Bridge over Pulpit Brook.  This work is part of the $5.4 million bridge replacement project on NH101 over Pulpit Brook in Bedford, with a completion date of July 14, 2023.  The general contractor is RM Piper of Plymouth, NH.

Daytime alternating one-way traffic will be utilized between the hours of 8:30 am to 3:00 pm on NH 101 from Twin Brook Lane to Joppa Hill Road to accommodate drainage installation, guardrail removal, and barrier installation operations in the eastbound shoulder.  Construction efforts will continue in the area throughout the summer and fall of 2022.

Message boards and smart work zone devices will be used to notify the traveling public of any traffic pattern changes.  Motorists should remain alert while traveling through the construction zone and obey all posted signs.

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