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Route 101 Construction Update

Beginning October 27th lane shift of Route 101 between Meeting House Rd. and Liberty Hill Rd. This shift is to allow for the reconstruction of the west bound side of Route 101. The shift will be implemented with the use of a widened section of Route 101, new temporary guardrail, line restriping and temporary guardrail. the lane shift will be in place until the spring of 2018.

Expect longer than normal delays during the line restriping activities on Tuesday October 24. Concrete barrier to be deployed October 24th and 25th. Once barrier installation is complete roadway reconstruction will take place behind the barrier. Change to traffic at Liberty Hill Rd. Motorist are advised that no left turns onto Liberty Hill Rd. for NH 101 west bound will be allowed. This is needed to not impede the flow of Route 101 west bound traffic. Motorist are encouraged to use Nashua Rd. to gain access to Liberty Hill Rd. Work on utility relocations will continue along NH 101 between Wallace and Bell Hill Rd. Expect work to continue through December, 2017.

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